Events in Metaverse Space

organize events and meetings

Work on Conferance Island

networking and collaboration

Rooftop Party @ Sea

relax, dance and chat

Spoken Words Theatre

speaking, lecturing and presenting

Fairytale Forest

telling stories and being together

Good conversations in the City Skyline Lounge

relaxed talking and discussing

EXPO Artist in Residence

Exhibitions and Art

Dance Down the Basement

Mixed Styles Dancing

Teamplay at Archipelago Sunset

team-sessions and development

Virtual Gym

Practice in VR

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You can also become a partner and let us manage several of your own spaces for six months or a year. This is useful if you want to regularly organize events and meetings and 'customize' your rooms. Think of your own logo, images and videos. Or perhaps an exhibition of work.

We will run your VR environment on our own Dutch server, on which we currently run several partner programs. As a result, we offer affordable hosting costs and good control over all data and security. Our hosting party Lico BV in Mierlo is ISO / IEC 27001 certified and able to switch efficiently in the capacity of the server during peak loads. If desired, we can also add functionality at your request, which is not standard in Hubs.

We will inspire you as much as possible during our collaboration with new insights, functions and possibilities and are always available for questions and feedback.

  • Included: basic layout with standard avatars and standard spaces
  • Included: EventSpace landing page with company logo and branding colors
  • Included: desired EventSpace domain name + email
  • Server capacity based on Fair Use. It is expected that all scheduled events up to 300 visitors with within our offer are covered. If scaling up proves necessary, we will always discuss this with you.
  • As soon as larger events take place (> 100 people), please let us know in advance, so that we are on standby for questions and advice.
  • The hosting term starts from the moment the VR environment and EventSpace for available to you.

Customizing and organizing VR space
Customizing Avatar with company logo
Event Moderators and Professional Guidance
Digital Twinning workspace works together with professional VR moderators and VR organizers:

For more information or a quote request, please contact us.

ICTU (governement) Inspiration Festival as a hybrid Virtual event

Team-event werksessie in VR bij Breinn Breman

Mission-space Rijskwaterstaat Nova: way to the mission-targets

Vison-space Rijskwaterstaat Nova: parcours with slides

ICTU EVENT METAVERSE for 20 years of ICTU Inspiration Festival

Custom decorated exhibition for the ComicBuchPreis from Berthold Leibinger Stiftung Germany

Seminar SDG in the Metaverse, HKU 2022

CNV-congress 'Future of Work'