Together, wherever you are!

Together, wherever you are!

virtual collaboration & networking

Virtual copy of your office!


Your own workspace, atrium, terrain or office in Virtual Reality! We call this Digital Twinning. With the help of Photogrammetry, your business space is scanned and digitized, so that you can then virtually collaborate with your employees and colleagues.

Working here is safe and employees quickly feel at home in their familiar working environment. We have helped several organizations digitize their working environment and guide Team sessions to learn to co-work in Virtual Reality. This way of working is also interesting as a hybrid form. Employees can still participate remotely in team sessions at your physical location.

Please contact us if you also want to have a Digital Twin made of your work environment. We work together with the specialists of 360Fabriek and host your environment on a certified Dutch server.

NB: We offer Digital Twinning rooms as a Partner program.

Below are some examples of our Digital Twinning:

Headoffice Rijkswaterstaat NOVA, Utrecht. The Netherlands

Boillerroom Breman (BREINN), The Hague. The Netherlands

Seats2Meet, Utrecht CS. The Netherlands

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